About Us

About Ammire Classifieds

We are Ammire, an Online classifiedadvertising initiative that employ categorical listing of specific products orservices on the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages toconsumers. We are working to bring online classified ads from the newspapers tothe internet by providing a platform for local communities to connect, conductbusiness, and advertise events, celebrate, post job availability and more. Ourplatform provides the infrastructure for efficient marketing, data flowrecording of transactions, and allow for a variety of services for advertisers.

 Our business model is simply to be the bestonline resource for users by monetising traffic through third party sponsoredadvertisements.  The Classified Ad Modelswill generate revenues mainly from sales of classified ads, by marketing onlinead space, and through cooperation arrangements.

By this, users have theoption to pay and feature their ad onto our homepage or top of the listings. Wealso monetize by displaying banner or text ads on our site with Google AdSense.To set us apart from other websites, with our experienced team of designers anddevelopers, our focus is to create unique and satisfying user experience forour customers.

Our objective is tobuild a critical mass of listings and audience, and to create, deliver andcapture value by the use of specific resources, processes and activities inorder to make a profit.

Our strategy is focused on expanding the reach and increasing the ad space utilization rate, and developing new advertising, pricing and business models to achieve our corporate goals.